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Badian Floating Cottages: Newest Attraction in town

Badian has always been known to their majestic Kawasan Falls, crystal clear beaches with long stretch of shorelines like Lambug beach. Right now, here’s their newest attraction, so called the floating cottages specifically located in Dapdap, Bugas, Badian, Cebu.

Badian Floating Cottage - waiting area

The floating cottages is a local community project. They started with one cottage last year, and since then, they have slowly added 2 more floating cottages to accommodate their guests. The biggest cottage can accommodate more or less a hundred people as per our boat man.


Badian Floating Cottage - Parking Space

Parking Area.


They have enough space for parking, no parking fee; though no one’s guarding the vehicles too. (I guess it’s fine. Locals were nice, and they won’t cater overnights, so your car will be there just in broad daylight. It’s a one way road from the highway, so it may be difficult if you get to bump another car going to the cottage, while you’re heading home (or vice versa).

Badian Floating Cottage - Registration area

Receiving Area.

Please don’t expect something lavish. It’s a local community group effort and they are trying to build an attraction slowly but surely. They got 1 rest room/changing room and was still under construction when we visited, no roof yet, walls were like shoulder-neck level (I’m 5.0″, so you do the math).


Badian Floating Cottage - docking area

Docking Area.

Just right beside the receiving area is the path to the docking area. If my memory serves me right, it was a single boat who’ll be waiting to send you off to the cottages. It will be the same boat who’ll fetch the guests from the cottages back to the dock. Guests should take turns, first come first serve.


Badian Floating Cottage - waiting area

That’s Lua, patiently waiting for her turn. ๐Ÿ™‚


Badian Floating Cottage - snorkeling

Every guest will be provided with life jackets, although, if you’re a good swimmer, and you think you don’t need one, they won’t require you to wear it once you get there.


Badian Floating Cottage

If you want to have to have the cottage all for yourselves, you can also rent the whole cottage. For side trippers, they have the day tour rate of 70php/head for 3 hrs. Although that 3 hrs/head rule might not be strictly implemented when we were there. As long as there were no guests coming in, or there are still enough space on the cottages, then you can enjoy the extra time.


Badian Floating Cottage - Pet friendly

My friends were busy snorkeling, I’m busy capturing photos with my dog. ๐Ÿ˜€

Badian Floating Cottage - Pet friendly


  • Children below 6 years old are not allowed for safety purposes.
  • Overnight stay is not allowed
  • No corkage fee
  • No Environmental Fee
  • Bring your own lunch and snorkeling gear, it’s not included on the package.
  • Sea urchin 200 php/bucket and Bangus available on the receiving area.
  • Guests are responsible of their own trash, let’s not leave any trace.


  • 70 php/pax with life jacket
  • 3 hrs. limit/pax every Saturdays and Sundays
  • 2,500 php – Exclusive cottage reservation (up to 30 pax) – 5 hrs.


  • ย Facebook page
  • Contact numbers:
  • TM – 0945-082-5999
  • SMART – 0998 – 472 -7662
  • SUN – 0942 – 078 -7871


By Bus: From Cebu South Bus terminal, take a bus going to Municipality of Badian, tell the driver to drop you off at Sitio Dapdapโ€™s waiting shed near the boundary of Badian and Moalboal. One-way trip can cost Php150.00 for air-conditioned bus.

By personal car: Waze or Google map is your best friend. Just search for Dapdap’s Floating Cottages.


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