Caesar Salad or what not?

It’s one of the days when you don’t want to move and just lay down on your bed until you feel your tummy begging you eat something. Too late to notice it was already around 1:00PM in the afternoon. I’m too stubborn to cook on a Saturday afternoon, so I open my fridge and grab some greens and tossed together with some other edible stuff…and here you go! My own version of Caesar’s Salad or whatever you may call it. lol!


You will need:

2 medium size head of lettuce

4 whole tomatoes

1 box of cheese

4 thin Ham Patties

Caesar Dressing

How to do it:

Cut the head of lettuce according to your size of choice, sliced tomatoes thinly, measured about half a cup of diced cheese, slice cooked ham according to preferred size. Once everything is prepared, put 2/3 of the lettuce on the container, add 2/3 of tomatoes, cheese, ham with an ample amount of caesar dressing. Mix everything before adding the rest of the ingredients. This will help you mix everything easily especially if your not having a big bowl to start with.

It’s actually pretty easy without sacrificing the taste of your food. It’s a good to go healthy meal if you are feeling lazy to cook or you always on the go.

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