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Guerrera Rice Paddy Villas

Just any other wanderer, I am always in search for good food whenever I’m in a new place. When we were inĀ Camiguin, we searched for the best places to dine…


Larena Triad Coffee Shop

Coffee Shops are not rampant in the small, peaceful island of Siquijor, however, there’s this one in Larena, Siquijor is not just any other ordinary coffee shops. This one is…


Drool over Dagsa Restobar

One of the perks of traveling aside from the sceneries and the culture, you get to try the good food! Different places offer a different twist of everything. Your taste…


Bucket shrimps, Cebu Yacht Club

Bucket Shrimps is famous in Metro Cebu with their boiled shrimp specialty which you may choose between cajun, butter, andĀ  curry flavor. We decided to visit Bucket shrimp in Lapu-lapu…