Cheezzy Cheese sticks!

Cheese sticks are sometimes quite expensive to buy in a fancy restaurant where in fact you can always make one and even put some personal touch and variation to call it your own version.

Here’s how I made mine:


You may use mozzarella cheese (better) or you can just have cheddar instead, if that’s the one available in your fridge. I just sliced it into lengthy bite size pieces.


I coated the cheese with all purpose flour, egg, and bread crumbs. I have some spare sour cream Pringles and thought how would it taste to have a tinge of sour cream over the cheese, so I just crushed the Pringles together with the crumbs before rolling the cheese on it.


After I deep fried the cheese under low heat, here’s the final product! It was so good that we had it all in just a few minutes!

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