Instagram-worthy Photos you’ll want to take in Bukidnon


Shout out to those who are obsessed on curating their Instagram with travel photos! Planning to go to Bukidnon? Here are some Instagram-worthy photos that might inspire you to share the next time you’re in the food basket of Mindanao! 

Work that OOTD in the middle of (God knows how many hectare-wide) pineapple plantation.

Camp Phillips, Del Monte Plantation

Drag your husband with you and create another OOTD, pair it with the hashtag #couplegoals

Camp Phillips, Del Monte Plantation

I’m not even sure what to prioritize, try out — horseback riding, or just gaze through the sea of clouds, and don’t forget the sunset! 

Dahilayan Adventure Park

That’s my sunrise view just right outside Villa Violeta, our home for the night. Who wouldn’t want to stay with this view? 

Villa Violeta, Monolo Fortich

Photobombing the pine trees, because yeah, we are vain in many ways we can’t imagine. 

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Pine tree vibes? You may always crop, or ditch the OOTD and focus on the trees. 😀

Dahilayan Adventure Park


Fall in love with the Sunset that (for a minute) can make time stop. Gaze like there’s no one around, just you and the sun.

Dahilayan Adventure Park



I hope these photos inspired you to visit Bukidnon, it’s just a piece of what you can actually do and see on the food basket of Mindanao, but at least this may give you the inspiration  to take your own Instagram-worthy photos the next time you visit the place. And if you’ve been to Bukidnon, any recommendations that can be instagram-worthy?


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    January 13, 2018 at 5:20 am

    It seems like you are having a good time taking these photos with your husband! Nice work!!

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      January 13, 2018 at 6:31 am

      Thank you! 🙏

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