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Road trip Engagement Session

I’ve been out for the longest time you can ever imagine and forgive me for not updating the blog and not letting you all know what happened. I got married, that’s what happened and I haven’t shared anything unto the blog. It’s something that I want to hold into for a while, keep it personal before sharing everything. Read More »


5 Things not to miss out in Osmeña Peak

Anyone living in Cebu is familiar with the highest peak in the island of Cebu which is approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The peak is known to be one easy trek that you can always visit over the weekend. I’ve visited the place at least once and I am still in awe. This are the 5 things you should be missing if you haven’t been to Osmeña peak. Read More »


Bojo River, Aloguinsan

One of the perks of being a BPO employee is you get to roam around through team buildings. Our team won all of the activities for the whole quarter (not bragging, just stating plain facts here.. hehe!), and our company always provide credit to where credit is due, and what’s best was Read More »