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Calauit Safari Park

Part of the tour that we personally picked was Calauit Safari tour. As mentioned on my Coron travel guide post, tour started early. In fact, it was the earliest amongst the other tours – starting @ 5:00 AM. It was a 2-hr ride from Coron proper to Calauit, then another 15-minute boat ride for you to get to the Safari park. Read More »


Road trip in Camiguin: The Island born of Fire

Camiguin Island, being the second-smallest province in the Philippines made it very feasible for a whole day road trip. I had the chance to visit Camiguin Island last December with my fiance’s family and we were able to check out the small yet very picturesque island in the country. With a rich history foreground, and several beaches to dwell on, I was giddy enough to join the trip.

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Wandering Tableau

Wandering Tableau: 90’s kid

Being a 90’s kid made me realize that there were a lot of things kids are missing these days. Our generation were able to experience the old and the new. 90’s kids were able to play on the streets everyday when tablets and computers were still not a thing. We then started ditching snail mails to emails and everything just unfolded to things presenting the virtual world. Social media account craze come to life and we left our scrap books and the traditional games away to keep up with the world. Read More »